Our Team

Oh golly do we have a great team of folks working on this show.

John Hannah is my name. What is there that hasn’t been said already? You know when you are making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and you need the peanut butter and jelly to stick the two pieces of bread together? Thats me in regards to Funday in the Neighbourhood. I’m the 100% organic, smooth peanut butter and fresh locally sourced strawberry jelly and the show, well the show, is two slices of your mother’s homemade sourdough loaf. Anyway, contrary to what others might say, I think Belgian Fries on the Drive makes a pretty dang good poutine.
Michael Norton is a fancy-pants software developer who makes the Funday website and helps out behind the scenes. When he’s in the neighbourhood, he loves getting pupusas from Rinconcito Salvadoreno (they’re like Hot Pockets but at least 1,000,000% better). For him, Funday is a great creative outlet and an excuse to use his Acting/Stagecraft experience from high school.
Lex Greenman here. I started working here at Havana as the Bar Manager in the Spring of 2019 and immediately met some amazing people. And then I met John! After some time, he and I eventually became quite close friends. I enjoy being apart of FITN because I think John is such a special guy and I’d genuinely love watching him partake in anything – being in his company means constant entertainment. Like, really… I’d watch him brush his teeth. I wouldn’t actually but I think you know what I’m trying to say. OH and one secret about the Drive that I like is that you don’t have to wait to cross the road at crosswalks or stoplights. What a thrill!
Alistair Cook is a world renowned improviser and shawarma slayer. When not picking up biscotti at Fratelli Authentic Italian Baking, he can be found enjoying all the thrills involved with being the Manager of Havana Theatre. Funday is his monthly shot of weird-fun and he thinks John is the next Rick Campanelli!
Julien Amar is a Vancouver based musician, actor, teacher, musical director, writer and composer. Bringing all of these hats to Funday, Julien provides musical backing, tunes and banter for the gang. Drive secret: if you’re a meat eater, try the beef brisket poutine & Memphis blues
Tedra Rogers is a Vancouver based actor whose face you can see act in Supergirl (The CW), Undercover Cheerleader (Lifetime) and the upcoming Forbes Top 10 Best Horror Films of 2020 thriller Come True (IFC Midnight Films) among others. She can sometimes be found in the show, but always can be found managing the FiTN social media accounts. The rib ends at Kin Kao on the Drive are to die for (sorry vegetarians).
Josh Polanco is a local filmmaker and musician who has helped put together all the bizarre video content you see at Funday. He’s often behind the scenes during the show running the livestream and making sure the show can run as smooth as possible. He’d like to think of himself as Funday’s “Guy in the Chair”. Working with John is always a joy, and having known him since high school, Josh can confidently say John has some of the most surreal, original ideas, and a great eye for talent. While you’re at Commercial Drive, go grab some pupusas from Rinconcito SalvadoreƱo. They are absolutely delicious.